All of our ice-creams and sorbets are 'cold stabilised' using our pre-hydrated stabiliser we developed in-house. This means we allow the delicate flavours of our produce to shine through without being damaged by heat.

Fairy Bread & Brown Butter

Popcorn & Caramel Fudge

After Dinner Mint & Choc Chip

Chocolate (VG)

Soy Sauce & Choc-Coated Rice (contains gluten)

Peanut & Cinnamon (contains nuts)

Blood Orange & Lemon Myrtle Sorbet (VG)

Coconut, Rhubarb & Galangal (VG)

Cookie Mamma Crunch - Coconut, Choc Chip Cookie & Date Caramel (VG, contains gluten & nuts)

Hibiscus & Lemon Sorbet (VG)

Coconut & Mandarin Ripple (VG)

Strawberry Jam & Vanilla Sponge (contains gluten)